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The pimping begins GTA style…..
PMpFri, 07 Apr 2006 14:03:24 +000003Friday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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Bored of the normal, everywhere-you-go-you-see-the-same car- about-5-times cars in grand theft auto liberty city stories? well get one of these babies. Hopefully a tool will be made to allow you to pimp the car. You need:

Well if you excuse my iam taking these bad boys a spin around Liberty city.

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PGR PSP Podcast 50!
AMpFri, 07 Apr 2006 10:43:10 +000043Friday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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The Psp podcast is a bundle of joyness episode 50 is now out this is what Dasme has to say:

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How to release Wario Ware Twisted in the UK
PMpThu, 06 Apr 2006 12:24:39 +000024Thursday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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The British Gaming Blog came up with a excellent idea to get warioware Twisted out in the uk – and did you know the Tilt sensor pack has Mercury in it?! and thats why its not being released to the UK and you cant sell something to little children with Mercury in it or something like that?! how crazy is that!

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Mac do windows (XP running on Mac OS X)
PMpWed, 05 Apr 2006 16:32:13 +000032Wednesday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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Nope non of that hacker stuff. Apple officially announces a tool to dual boot Intel-based Macs with Windows XP.

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Mario Question [?] Blocks
PMpTue, 04 Apr 2006 17:45:34 +000045Tuesday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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Don't you love those Question Blocks from Mario game? well some young girls love them so much that they printed out a template and made a whole load of them then place them where the live (Ohio) but all went wrong and the bomb squad was called in.

What else is crazy is some people made some question blocks that if you hit it a litttle cardboard mushroom or coin comes out!

Now everyone is trying it and place them up where they live the site in the sorce below has a ton of images of these question blocks made out of cardboar. Enjoy now if you excuse iam going to get some cardboard boxs 😀

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eLoader ‘bock’
PMpTue, 04 Apr 2006 13:12:56 +000012Tuesday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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I was not sure to post this but what the heck. Fanjita & Ditlew has released a new eLoader version called 'bock' and its the ONLY way to boot up homebrew on you psp with firmware 2.00 and above this is what he has to say:

Oh come on now, did you really think we’d leave you guys? You do know what day it was yesterday, right?

We’re proud to release the latest version of eLoader, known as “Bock”. The major new feature is, wait for it… automatic WiFi support for homebrew on all firmwares! That means that the wifi hack is now officially a thing of the past, and everyone can look forward to seamless networked homebrew, both infrastructure and ad-hoc.


Massive thanks for the trick to enable wifi support has to go to Chris Swindle, who discovered it while working on the networking for the latest release of the Quake homebrew, which we’ve tested extensively to get working with the eLoader. For those who are wondering, this does not mean that we now have more access to kernel-mode – Chris found a function that allows you to load and initialise the networking libraries from within user-mode.


The other minor feature is that the default menu now caches the list of homebrew on your memory stick, so if it’s less than an hour since the menu last scanned, then it will just load the cached data instead, making it much faster to load the menu if you have a lot of homebrew.

Download eLoader v0.9.7 “Bock” – Auto Installer for Windows


Download eLoader v0.9.7 “Bock” – ZIP for other Operating Systems


The worlds most expensive mp3 player
PMpTue, 04 Apr 2006 13:07:58 +000007Tuesday 7. 2006, 12:53 p04
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1GB, gold casting in 18 carat 750 gold, 63 diamonds,
25 hours of play

Most Expensive mp3 player