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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!
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You seen it yet? eh? well the DVD is coming out on the 21st of April but why wait till then? when you can download it! sure its bad the law could be on your arse (only joking) Get Bearshare (free or paid) and download Final Fantasy VII advent children make sure it has subtitles (it will state if it does in the title on the file) and just wait. I had to wait 7 hours for my download it wont be any different unless you have Dial up….or faster internet than me 😦 anyways i got my download but it was not showing the video i could only hear the audio i had to get coducs so make sure you get them…..what ever they are. Iam not going to watch it all tonight but ill wait untill i have some time ill give you a review of it but right now iam skip to little parts of it and its looks amazing the battle, the subtitles! 😉 i just cant wait.

kouki fantaji nanatsu: rairin jisou = Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children


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